Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning 'the practice of continuous improvement' which is the key to success. Under this program Centre for Learning and Teaching helps the schools evaluate existing standards, develop common goals for improvement and provide guidance and support to achieve the desired goals. Click on the services to know more...

Teaching and Learning Audit helps the school to reflect and evaluate existing Teaching and Learning standards. It investigates 'what is taught (the curriculum)', 'how it is taught (the pedagogy)' and 'how it is assessed (the assessment practices)'. It helps school identify areas of excellence and improvement. Post successful completion of the audit a detailed report is presented to the School Leadership which provides recommendations for further improvement.
School Development & Improvement Plan assists the school community evaluate and assess their needs to develop a common vision for their institution. Based on the school's aspirations, CLT assists in articulating an action plan which outlines all aspects of educational management and improvement.

The teacher is the thread that runs through the fabric of the class and the school. CLT conducts training needs analysis and designs bespoke training programs. These programs are offered in a variety of formats. Schools can opt for:

  1. Long term trainings - CLT will offer support and guidance in implementation and managing the professional development plan over the course of 1-3 years.
  2. Short term trainings - CLT provides 1-3 day workshops running for a full day or half a day covering a variety of specific topic areas.

A curriculum encompasses everything that teachers teach in a school or course - including the instructional materials and techniques they use. Schools that align curriculum are able to meet students' academic needs effectively. CLT offers support and guidance to help schools align their curriculum so that it is:
  1. Well organized and purposefully designed to facilitate learning
  2. Free of academic gaps and needless repetitions
  3. Aligned across lessons, subject areas and grade levels
Inclusive education is not just about getting children with different learning needs into the mainstream classroom setting, it's about making sure that the child has access to equal opportunities to learn and achieve at her/his own pace. CLT provides support and guidance in building an inclusive Teaching and Learning environment in the following areas:
  1. Understanding and identifying children with special needs
  2. Designing a remedial intervention program
  3. Develop a pre-vocational training program in a school set-up
  4. Understanding, how to improve nuero-developmental constructs and facilitate learning for children with special needs with regard to Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy
  5. Helping children who are non-verbal or have speech and communication issues through an Alternative Augmentative Communication System (AAC)
  6. Using ICT as a means of facilitating learning & communication
Libraries have existed as an archive of recorded knowledge. Traditionally, school library has ben seen as a place to issue and return books. As content becomes more accessible and digitalized, school libraries need to reinvent themselves. Students and teachers no longer need a library simply for access, instead they require a place that encourages participatory learning and allows for co-construction of understanding from a variety of sources.
CLT assists schools in making libraries a center for learning by setting up school or classroom libraries and providing consultation for their up-gradation.
A well structured time table optimizes the use of resources available to a school and therefore has a direct impact in improving teaching and learning of a school. CLT provides professional expertise in helping schools design a bespoke timetable aimed at fulfilling their needs. The services offered are both offsite and onsite and involve reviewing of the existing time table, management of resources (teachers and learning spaces) and curriculum requirements.
Technology, we believe, has a vital role to play in the field of academic monitoring and education administration. We provide services ranging from Assessments, CCE, Reporting and Analysis using a comprehensive and flexible management system.The system is unobtrusive and fully compliant with CBSE recommended CCE and other international boards (IB and IGCSE).
Lack of good quality ICT Infrastructure can have a negative impact on a School's efficiency. We provide end to end IT Infrastructure Management including designing and management of datacentre infrastructure (in premises or cloud based), network, smartclasses, projection systems and surveillance etc.

To get details about any of the services write to us at: info@clt.sbs-school.org