Great teachers help create great students. It is critical for teachers to have ongoing and regular opportunities to learn from each other. Ongoing professional development informs teachers of research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom and latest curriculum resources. Centre for Learning & Teaching conducts professional development workshops which span for 1 to 3 days. The sessions are highly interactive in which the participants undergo experiential learning. Click on the workshops to know more...

Learning is an active process, and is not something which can be simply poured in the learner's mind. Active Learning empowers children to construct meaning on their own. It includes a wide range of instructional strategies that share the common element of involving students, in doing things and thinking about the things they are doing (Bonwell & Eison 1991. In an Active Learning classroom, teachers spend greater proportion of the time helping students develop their understanding and skills (promoting deep learning) and a lesser proportion of time transmitting information (i.e., supporting surface learning).
Research suggests that assessment which measures progress using numbers and grades has very little impact on improving standards of learning. It either boosts the child's ego, if he/she is a high achiever or lowers self-esteem in case of children who are less able and struggling to meet their learning goals. For students to learn effectively, we need to encourage assessment practices which are meaningful, authentic, help develop students' capacity to reflect on their learning, develop deeper understanding and cultivate higher order thinking skills.
Through this workshop, educators will be able to improve their understating of the role of Assessments 'As', 'For' and 'Of' Learning. They will also learn strategies to design authentic assessments and use them to inform their planning and improve student understanding.
Questioning is at the heart of critical thinking. Teachers ask questions from the start of the lesson until the end. Asking questions forms an integral part of any lesson because it invites the student to think, engage and sustain an 'active' style of learning. When teachers ask the right questions in the right manner they are able to help children think critically. Through this workshop teachers will explore the role of questioning in developing critical thinking skills. Teachers will also learn to:
  • Extend participation in whole class and group questioning to all pupils
  • Develop questioning strategies that deepen students' learning
  • Visible Thinking is an approach to integrate the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. It is a research-based approach which began at Harvard's Project Zero. It develops thinking dispositions, while at the same time deepening the understanding of the topics students study. It is a collection of varied strategies which help in making thinking visible as the students' viewpoints are expressed, documented, discussed and reflected upon. Through this workshop teachers will learn easy to implement strategies to extend and deepen students thinking at all grade levels and in all content areas.
    Many teachers feel unsuccessful when they are not able to engage children effectively in their classrooms. To create meaningful classroom experiences for children it is crucial to create an engaging, comfortable, safe and happy classroom. Through this workshop educators will learn strategies to create a positive learning environment in their classroom.

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