Center for Learning and Teaching

Student learning is the standard for school success. Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student's success in school is the quality of teaching. In an increasingly digitalized and interconnected world, the definition of education has now expanded. Basic education as provided by schools now includes a broader range of skills, understandings and dispositions. If we want students to learn, the most critical element is the teacher. If we want our students to be successful adults of the 21st century, it is critical that schools invest in building teacher's professional capacity and empower them with the necessary skills and dispositions. In order to meet these standards of excellence, schools have a tough choice to make by either investing in finding the best teachers or providing exceptional professional development to help them become 'the best'.

Centre for Learning and Teaching envisions creating an educational space that promotes excellence and innovation in school communities. Our aim is to create a vibrant space for educators across the country to exchange ideas, share experiences and enjoy the excitement and fulfillment of professional development.

CLT provides range of quality personal and professional development opportunities for educators, school leaders, administrators, students and parents. We support school development, school improvement programs and create forums for learning and collaboration which we believe will enrich the communities we live in.

Our Core Team

Abha Adams

Advisor - Education

Mamta Kapoor

Head of Centre - Advisor - Teaching and Learning & Professional Development

Arathi Krishnan

Program Administrator

Akshat Tewari

Program Leader - Curriculum Design & Training

Our Guest Faculty

Ashok Panikkar

Dr Geoff Readman

Anne Readman

Dalbir Kaur