Assam Valley School, Tezpur, Asom

The Assam Valley School was established in 1995 by the Williamson Magor Education Trust. The Founders Mr. & Mrs. Richard Magor & Mr. B. M. Khaitan decided to build AVS in the North-East in an effort to give back to the region. AVS believes in preparing students for life and not just the next exam they have to take.
Centre for Learning & Teaching is assisting AVS to develop a progressive Teaching and Learning culture which is rich in academic excellence and values, aligned with the mission of the school.

Sonya Ghandy Mehta

Sonya Ghandy Mehta

Assam Valley School
Head of School

Mrs. Mamta Kapoor from the Centre of Learning and Teaching (CLT) has brought about a very significant and necessary shift in the teaching and learning methodology at the Assam Valley School. The quality of programmes conducted by CLT has been remarkably high and the well researched concepts shared with us have not only convinced but also motivated and inspired many of my teachers to make a shift from the age old chalk and talk method to a more interesting and active engagement in class, much to the liking of both the teachers and the students.

The weeklong workshops conducted in the last week of August, 2015 by Mrs. Mamta Kapoor, meticulously interspersed with videos, worksheets, group activities and open-minded interactions really set the ball rolling and made it easier for us to adapt and appreciate the merits of the 'Active Teaching & Learning' practices. Over the last one year CLT has rendered us crucial support in way of online assistance, notes, problem solving techniques, hands on advice by experts and time tested modules which most of our teachers have effectively started using in their classrooms.

The 'Active Teaching & Learning' programme is here to stay in my school and I am indebted to CLT for all its expertise and support.